A Community Rising

The town of Woodburn is being shaped by dramatic demographic changes—changes that are also underway in other parts of Oregon. What can communities do now to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to be healthy, and to help our places thrive for decades to come?

Why Does Place Matter?

We think we all have the same fair shot at a healthy life. But barriers of all kinds can get in the way, from poverty and prejudice to a lack of safe places to walk or play. For each of us, our place in Oregon—our address, income, the color of our skin—often determines how healthy we can be.

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Más información en español: las condiciones en las que cada uno de nosotros vivimos en Oregon, como el domicilio que habitamos, nuestro nivel de ingresos o el color de nuestra piel, a menudo determinan qué tan saludables estamos. Haga clic aquí para saber más sobre la relación que existe entre nuestras condiciones de vida y la salud.