About Us

Place Matters Oregon is an effort of the Oregon Health Authority, Public Health Division that seeks to foster conversations about how place influences our individual and collective health.

Where we live, work, play and learn matters to our physical, mental and emotional health. Much can be done to create and maintain healthy communities in Oregon. Communities that support people in making healthy choices help prevent the chronic diseases that diminish individual lives and take away from the vitality of our state.

The vision of the Public Health Division of the Oregon Health Authority is to ensure the lifelong health of all people in Oregon. Our mission is to promote health and prevent the leading causes of death, disease and injury in our state. We do this by creating environments, policies, and systems that support healthy communities and wellness for everyone, such as access to healthy food, physical activity, immunizations, safe water and clean air.


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OHA’s Public Health Division welcomes questions and comments about Place Matters. Please send them to